Kelli Kurachi, CMM


Practice Manager

Kelli Kurachi - Practice Manager

Kelli has worked in our office for over fourteen years, and is taking over the reigns of Practice Manager from Dr. Cook's wife, Cheryl. We are proud to announce that Kelli just became a Certified Medical Manager through the Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers (PAHCOM). She studied long hours in order to pass her certification! Kelli has been the "Jill of all trades" in our office. She handles correspondence, schedules appointments, does patient billing, assists our insurance specialists, obtains insurance referrals and many other business office functions. In addition, Kelli has been trained as a Medical Assistant to help out the rest of our nursing staff. With all of her training and experience, she is the perfect fit for her new position! Kelli is also an extremely talented photographer, photographing babies, kids, and families. She loves to bake, falls in love with almost any dog she sees and is obsessed with goats.

If you need assistance in understanding your account, or working out financial arrangements, Kelli will be happy to assist you. She may be reached at 512.467.0978.